Archive for: March 2018

  1. A Sweet Violet flower

    Mill Hill

    by Marek

    Setting a moth trap at your home location encourages moths to visit but only the ones that live i...

  2. A nesting box installed on a house wall under the gables

    Sparrows Fart

    by Marek

    I have over the past 6 years had a good opportunity to study the habits of house sparrows and my...

  3. A crate with a meshed lid, filled with egg cartons

    Box Clever

    by Marek

    Some of the moths which settle in and around the trap make their bed and want to lie in it. Outsi...

  4. Eyed Hawk Moth

    Staying Alive

    by Marek

    In order to offer as much protection to moths during capture and release it is first necessary to...