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  1. Front facing shot of a December moth, where it's face has been replaced with the face of Father Christmas


    by Marek

    Twelve months have now passed now since I started...

  2. Top down photo of a moth where the my processing went wrong and it appears as if the limbs and wings are exploding into fragments

    Mothing but fun

    by Marek

    In my last post I gave a brief overview of the suite of software...

  3. A cartoonish image of a man hitting a hammer into the ground using a post

    Post Processing Pt2

    by Marek

    Taking pictures on glass now also gives me the opportunity to carry out minor repairs as well tak...

  4. A Silver-washed fritillary feeding from a flower

    The Burren Third Visit

    by Marek

    Our third trip to the Burren planned for two weeks later than our previous one, to keep in line w...

  5. Photo of the front of the lodge we stayed at


    by Marek

    It has always been a problem for me thinking of presents for the wife and my two now grown up boy...

  6. Photo of a path in a woods with bluebells sprouting

    Ebernoe Common

    by Marek

    Following our howling success in search of the Barred Tooth-striped moth at Seaford Head we decid...

  7. Comparison of two photos of the same species, taken with two different lenses at two different distances. The top photo 50mm lens with a 1.4x teleconverter from 80mm away. The second is 100mm lens with 1.4x teleconverter from 210mm away.

    The best laid plans

    by Marek

    It doesn’t matter how much research you do at times as there is always something that comes along...

  8. Landscape photo of a bush, the background obscured by a red dust fog

    True Grit

    by Marek

    On our return home from our visit to Portugal it became obvious that there was something seriousl...

  9. Close up side shot of a preying mantis

    Portugal 2 : DSLR 0

    by Marek

    We had been looking forward to our second visit to Portugal not only to see friends again but eve...

  10. Hinged glass boxes for taking photos of undersides on

    Lessons from Ireland

    by Marek

    Although a very successful second trip to Ireland, as per my previous post, we did learn a couple...

  11. Close-up shot of the face of a Dark Green Fritillary butterfly

    The Burren Second Visit

    by Marek

    When we began planning our second trip to Ireland we were hoping to return to the same cottage as...

  12. Layed out equipment in my day kit, including umbrella, sun cap and glasses, small pots and lids and frozen water bottle

    Field Equipment

    by Marek

    After the purchase of my teleconverter Field trips took on a dramatic change as it became obvious...

  13. Face fronting photo of a Caddis Fly


    by Marek

    This post has nothing whatsoever to do with my sons coding ability but focuses entirely on insect...

  14. Cartoonish Sherlock Holmes-esque character holding a magnifying glass, with insects surrounding them


    by Marek

    When Marek first began moth trapping, as I was still working, my main role was recording his catc...

  15. Close-up shot of a camera sensor, with a picture of a cartoon cloud blowing that has been edited in the centre of the screen

    Sensor Cleaning

    by Marek

    Following our return from Ireland the task of moth identifications began in earnest alongside the...

  16. Landscape shot of the view from The Burren

    The Burren Pt 1

    by Marek

    It’s seems rather strange having just returned from our third trip to the Burren to be writing a...

  17. Cartoonish image of a person hammering a post into the ground

    Post Processing pt1

    by Marek

    Post processing or picture editing is something I have been familiar with for quite some time as...

  18. Basic HTML for an empty webpage

    Website Introduction

    by Marek

    As mentioned in the previous post I was kindly volunteered to write the next step, about how the...

  19. 2x2 grid of photos showing the output of multiple image stacking to clear up the image and noise reduction to clean up the background

    Focus Stacking

    by Marek

    In 2015 I carried out similar DSLR testing in low light conditions in the moth house, as publishe...

  20. Photo of a moth with the camera settings I favour for general purpose shots of species - ISO 1000, Shutter Speed 1/60 and F-Stop 10

    The Light

    by Marek

    The gradual transition to my new DSLR was a slow process as leaving the comfort zone of point and...

  21. Stock image of someone holding a DSLR camera to take a photo of a sunset, edited to show one of the images of the moths on the screen of the camera


    by Marek

    When we first became mothers, I was told by our mentor that things would become increasingly easi...

  22. Gecko resting on a white wall


    by Marek

    Following a successful Mothing trip to Guernsey we could not resist the temptation when our frien...

  23. Jersey Tiger moth resting on a plant


    by Marek

    Guernsey was to be our first trip outside of the UK and, unlike me, not really planned or researc...

  24. Swallowtail butterfly feeding on the flower of a Thistle


    by Marek

    Following our previous success at both Lulworth and Kinlochleven we now turned our attention to t...

  25. Panoramic landscape shot of the South Downs in Lewes

    The Foresters of Lewes

    by Marek

    Having walked most paths on the South Downs, from Eastbourne to Beacon Hill, over a period of yea...

  26. Striped hawk moth resting on a persons thumb

    Handling Moths

    by Marek

    Although this post is titled Handling Moths it is not the subject of the photo attached of a Stri...

  27. Chequered Skipper in the petals of a purple tubular flower

    Chequered Skipper

    by Marek

    Following our successful trip to Lulworth in search of the Lulworth Skipper we decided to organis...

  28. Comparison of the Mothography system, and the first websites layout


    by Marek

    My approach to documenting my records was at first quite straightforward adopting the same princi...

  29. The underside of a moth taken via resting it on glass screen


    by Marek

    A tale to tell It doesn’t take long to realise that...

  30. Top down view of a moth, casting a long shadow


    by Marek

    It was from the onset of my decision to pictorially record moths that it would be carried out on...

  31. A Sweet Violet flower

    Mill Hill

    by Marek

    Setting a moth trap at your home location encourages moths to visit but only the ones that live i...

  32. A nesting box installed on a house wall under the gables

    Sparrows Fart

    by Marek

    I have over the past 6 years had a good opportunity to study the habits of house sparrows and my...

  33. A crate with a meshed lid, filled with egg cartons

    Box Clever

    by Marek

    Some of the moths which settle in and around the trap make their bed and want to lie in it. Outsi...

  34. Eyed Hawk Moth

    Staying Alive

    by Marek

    In order to offer as much protection to moths during capture and release it is first necessary to...

  35. A plastic Sparrow Hawk installed on a fence post

    Let Battle Commence

    by Marek

    The struggle to record moths while the sparrows had young had become somewhat a war of attrition....

  36. A Eurasian House Sparrow resting on a fence


    by Marek

    My first encounter with the General was rather an innocuous affair although a little surprising a...

  37. Display case from the Victorian era of moths that had been sighted and pinned to the display

    Dissection Dilemma

    by Marek

    Now that the Moth House was fully operational the recording process had become quicker and slicke...

  38. A six-spot burnet resting on a tall stalk of a plant

    Photography Introduction

    by Marek

    Back in 2011 my knowledge of photography could have been written on a postage stamp and, like man...

  39. A collection of the equipment we were using, a camera, notepad, pots, ruler a couple of walkie talkies and a few other misc bits

    Equipment Introduction

    by Marek

    Upon completion of the Moth House I then concentrated on the equipment necessary to utilize it in...

  40. A greenhouse we converted into a moth house by remove the side and roof panels and strenghtening with treillis

    Moth House

    by Marek

    Following the first few deployments of my 160w mercury vapour self ballasting bulb the comments f...

  41. An encased lightbulb over an open crate which was our first trap

    Trap Introduction

    by Marek

    Upon the realization that the majority of moths were active only at night meant that I would have...