Recording moths requires a variety of specialized equipment to help you trap and identify them effectively. This can include traps, such as a light trap or a moth trap, which uses pheromones to attract the insects. You'll also need tools to help you handle and release the moths safely, as well as equipment to document your findings, such as a camera, field guide, and journal. Some enthusiasts choose to purchase commercially available equipment, while others like us prefer to create our own home-made solutions to suit their specific needs. Regardless of which approach you choose, it's important to have the right equipment to help you get the best results when recording moths. By investing in appropriate equipment, you'll be able to accurately identify, document, and learn more about these elusive creatures in the field.

  1. Photo of a lightbulb that exploded within our trap

    Exploding Bulbs

    by Marek

    When we first started recording moths in 2011, we experimented with...

  2. Landscape photo of a bush, the background obscured by a red dust fog

    True Grit

    by Marek

    On our return home from our visit to Portugal it became obvious that there was something seriousl...

  3. Hinged glass boxes for taking photos of undersides on

    Lessons from Ireland

    by Marek

    Although a very successful second trip to Ireland, as per my previous post, we did learn a couple...

  4. Layed out equipment in my day kit, including umbrella, sun cap and glasses, small pots and lids and frozen water bottle

    Field Equipment

    by Marek

    After the purchase of my teleconverter Field trips took on a dramatic change as it became obvious...

  5. Stock image of someone holding a DSLR camera to take a photo of a sunset, edited to show one of the images of the moths on the screen of the camera


    by Marek

    When we first became mothers, I was told by our mentor that things would become increasingly easi...

  6. A collection of the equipment we were using, a camera, notepad, pots, ruler a couple of walkie talkies and a few other misc bits

    Equipment Introduction

    by Marek

    Upon completion of the Moth House I then concentrated on the equipment necessary to utilize it in...

  7. A greenhouse we converted into a moth house by remove the side and roof panels and strenghtening with treillis

    Moth House

    by Marek

    Following the first few deployments of my 160w mercury vapour self ballasting bulb the comments f...

  8. An encased lightbulb over an open crate which was our first trap

    Trap Introduction

    by Marek

    Upon the realization that the majority of moths were active only at night meant that I would have...