Archive for: July 2018

  1. Close-up shot of a camera sensor, with a picture of a cartoon cloud blowing that has been edited in the centre of the screen

    Sensor Cleaning

    by Marek

    Following our return from Ireland the task of moth identifications began in earnest alongside the...

  2. Landscape shot of the view from The Burren

    The Burren Pt 1

    by Marek

    It’s seems rather strange having just returned from our third trip to the Burren to be writing a...

  3. Cartoonish image of a person hammering a post into the ground

    Post Processing pt1

    by Marek

    Post processing or picture editing is something I have been familiar with for quite some time as...

  4. Basic HTML for an empty webpage

    Website Introduction

    by Marek

    As mentioned in the previous post I was kindly volunteered to write the next step, about how the...

  5. 2x2 grid of photos showing the output of multiple image stacking to clear up the image and noise reduction to clean up the background

    Focus Stacking

    by Marek

    In 2015 I carried out similar DSLR testing in low light conditions in the moth house, as publishe...