While the primary focus of our moth recording website may be in Sussex, UK, the team behind it has also traveled to other locations in the UK and Europe to document and record different species of moths. These trips offer an exciting opportunity to see new species and to expand the scope of their recordings. By exploring different habitats, climates, and ecosystems, the team can gain a deeper understanding of the diversity of moths and the environmental factors that affect their populations. Whether you're in Sussex, UK or exploring new locations, there are always new species to discover and new experiences to be had in the world of moth recording. So why limit yourself to one location when there's a world of opportunities out there waiting to be explored?

  1. Underbody shot of a Tissue moth

    Hand Me A Tissue

    by Marek

    Things are always a bit quiet on the ‘mothing’ front at this time of the ...

  2. Photo of a stile over a rock wall, this particular style is nicely painted green metal with a yellow hand rail

    The Burren Fourth Visit

    by Marek

    Why not read up about our fourth visit to the Burren on our adventures to find new speicies of mo...

  3. A Silver-washed fritillary feeding from a flower

    The Burren Third Visit

    by Marek

    Our third trip to the Burren planned for two weeks later than our previous one, to keep in line w...

  4. Photo of the front of the lodge we stayed at


    by Marek

    It has always been a problem for me thinking of presents for the wife and my two now grown up boy...

  5. Close up side shot of a preying mantis

    Portugal 2 : DSLR 0

    by Marek

    We had been looking forward to our second visit to Portugal not only to see friends again but eve...

  6. Close-up shot of the face of a Dark Green Fritillary butterfly

    The Burren Second Visit

    by Marek

    When we began planning our second trip to Ireland we were hoping to return to the same cottage as...

  7. Landscape shot of the view from The Burren

    The Burren Pt 1

    by Marek

    It’s seems rather strange having just returned from our third trip to the Burren to be writing a...

  8. Gecko resting on a white wall


    by Marek

    Following a successful Mothing trip to Guernsey we could not resist the temptation when our frien...

  9. Jersey Tiger moth resting on a plant


    by Marek

    Guernsey was to be our first trip outside of the UK and, unlike me, not really planned or researc...

  10. Swallowtail butterfly feeding on the flower of a Thistle


    by Marek

    Following our previous success at both Lulworth and Kinlochleven we now turned our attention to t...

  11. Chequered Skipper in the petals of a purple tubular flower

    Chequered Skipper

    by Marek

    Following our successful trip to Lulworth in search of the Lulworth Skipper we decided to organis...