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  1. Jersey Tiger moth resting on a plant


    by Marek

    Guernsey was to be our first trip outside of the UK and, unlike me, not really planned or researc...

  2. Swallowtail butterfly feeding on the flower of a Thistle


    by Marek

    Following our previous success at both Lulworth and Kinlochleven we now turned our attention to t...

  3. Panoramic landscape shot of the South Downs in Lewes

    The Foresters of Lewes

    by Marek

    Having walked most paths on the South Downs, from Eastbourne to Beacon Hill, over a period of yea...

  4. Striped hawk moth resting on a persons thumb

    Handling Moths

    by Marek

    Although this post is titled Handling Moths it is not the subject of the photo attached of a Stri...