Archive for: September 2018

  1. Landscape photo of a bush, the background obscured by a red dust fog

    True Grit

    by Marek

    On our return home from our visit to Portugal it became obvious that there was something seriousl...

  2. Close up side shot of a preying mantis

    Portugal 2 : DSLR 0

    by Marek

    We had been looking forward to our second visit to Portugal not only to see friends again but eve...

  3. Hinged glass boxes for taking photos of undersides on

    Lessons from Ireland

    by Marek

    Although a very successful second trip to Ireland, as per my previous post, we did learn a couple...

  4. Close-up shot of the face of a Dark Green Fritillary butterfly

    The Burren Second Visit

    by Marek

    When we began planning our second trip to Ireland we were hoping to return to the same cottage as...