Field Trips

Day trips for recording moths in Sussex are a great way for us to get out into the field and see these fascinating creatures up close. These trips offer us the opportunity to explore new habitats, search for new species, and share our passion for moths with like-minded individuals. Whether you're a seasoned naturalist or a beginner enthusiast, field trips are a fun and educational way to learn about moths and their habitat.

  1. A side shot of a Green Long-horn moth, it's antennae taking up more of the shot than the body

    Catching Up

    by Marek

    Following our success at Seaford Haven we turned our attention to another moth which had managed...

  2. Photo of a path in a woods with bluebells sprouting

    Ebernoe Common

    by Marek

    Following our howling success in search of the Barred Tooth-striped moth at Seaford Head we decid...

  3. Panoramic landscape shot of the South Downs in Lewes

    The Foresters of Lewes

    by Marek

    Having walked most paths on the South Downs, from Eastbourne to Beacon Hill, over a period of yea...

  4. A Sweet Violet flower

    Mill Hill

    by Marek

    Setting a moth trap at your home location encourages moths to visit but only the ones that live i...