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Front facing shot of a December moth, where it's face has been replaced with the face of Father Christmas
I suppose it must be me really

Twelve months have now passed now since I started this blog which has not really followed the traditional format as such, in that I have been recording events from when I first began trapping condensing eight years into one.

I felt that starting this way would show that I am no photographer or expert in lepidoptery, but somebody who has taken up a new hobby in retirement and would like to share his experiences with others as well as keeping a diary of events for posterity.

The good news is now that I am up to date, future posts will be as and when I have something new to report which should be somewhat easier as they will be fresh in my memory.

I have entitled this post ‘Futures’ in order to share what I feel may well be posts for the new year.

Firstly, my son and adopted son are working tirelessly on revamping my website which will hopefully be completed soon.

As I have been kept in the loop on this project, I have no hesitation in saying that to date it is looking rather impressive utilizing the latest technologies which I am hoping my son will expand on in a future post.

We have booked our fourth trip to the Burren in Ireland advancing by a further two weeks which brings us into the flight season of the Burren Green so finger’s crossed.

Picture of my conversion of an artists easel into a photography station
Every moth artist should have one.

Whilst browsing a charity shop a few weeks ago I came across an easel which gave me an Idea of how I could improve on taking my shots from different angles especially whilst away from home.

In fact, a couple of weeks later in a different shop I came across a second, so I now have one for home and away.

I will be reporting on their effectiveness in the coming months but to date they are producing good results at home.

Also, in the coming year I want to concentrate more on the butterflies and moths we have failed to record as they are unlikely to visit our garden and will need some careful targeting.

This plan has been hampered recently by a failing and now defunct bridge camera which is now destined for the knacker’s yard.

Hopefully if Santa is sympathetic and has read my note, I may well have something to replace it with soon.

Photo of an electrical rotating display stand
Hopefully the wheels will turn for me next year.

Last year Father Christmas was kind enough to give me a display stand as a present with the idea that I could to produce some 3d images of moths for my site.

The methodology of how it is possible to achieve this has been discussed at length and it is now only up to me to produce the images and my son to process them.

I think I might practice on a subject rather more inanimate first though as a giddy moth is not likely to be a happy moth.

This has been on my bucket list for far too long, but I am planning to give it a go as soon as I can free up some time from this backlog of updates which is taking rather longer than I had expected.