Mothing but fun

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Top down photo of a moth where the my processing went wrong and it appears as if the limbs and wings are exploding into fragments
This moth will self-destruct in five seconds

In my last post I gave a brief overview of the suite of software products I use to produce the images for my site.

I thought for this post I might share some of the more humorous images I have managed to produce mostly by accident but sometimes just for fun when using them.

The title picture shows the kind of effect you can produce if you choose to use the same naming convention for different images and forget that Silkypix retains your editing data until you manually delete it.

The consequence of this is that the editing steps carried out for the first image are reproduced for the second with quite spectacular results.

Stacking multiple images from the same angle and forgetting to separate them can also produce some rather interesting results.

2 example photos where post processing went wrong, the left is a under-body shot of a moth, where a smaller version of the photo has overlayed itself onto the body itself. The right is a front on shot where it produced 3 copies side-by-side
Maybe I should give the beer a miss for a while.

Sometimes when I am editing my images, I see something in them that brings out the artistic side in me.

2 examples of images where I had tweaked the colours balance, the first is a negative image of a species on a flower, the second is a neon green gecko and shield bug
We all need to eat

On other occasions I see an image within an image and cannot resist the temptation.

Before and after top-down shot of a moth, where I saw the outline of a person wearing an 80's style glam-rock wig, and trimed to show it
Got the wig now all I need is the guitar.

Even when I am snowed under with images to process, I still seem to find the time to show my subjects in a different light.

2 images where I've seen other people in them, one is an elegant woman, so I edited in a hat, belt and handbag, the other is two lovers holding hands
Dressed to kill

I hope that this light-hearted look at Mothing shows the pleasure I get from my hobby as this year draws to its close and I prepare myself for next twelve moths